Its van der Es

Activist - Holland

I don’t suffer cognitive dissonance, because I practice what I preach: I fly as little as possible

I use the best available climate friendly alternative: sustainable electric transport.

I use electric public transport as the most sustainable alternative for intra-European traveling.

Because in Holland, all trains and tubes are powered by 100% sustainable electricity from our own Dutch windmills. Traveling by train, tram and metro takes less mobility space than traveling by electric car, so I don’t contribute to traffic congestion (with all its polluting and harmful emissions).

In this way I also save scarce resources, prevent waste, emissions and climate change that is caused by the production of cars.

I influence my local, national and regional governments by sending emails to aviation spokesmen in parliaments about the climate impact of aviation and the uselessness of the ICAO and IATA CORSIA offsetting approach.