Hildur Palsdottir

PhD, Science Museum of Long Island - Port Washington, New York US
Port Washington, New York US
Hildur Palsdottir

I am from Iceland and live on Long Island with my half-Icelandic children. We obviously want to spend precious time with family in Iceland, so we plan our vacations carefully so as not to exhaust emissions unnecessarily.

We can’t give up flying completely, because that would mean to give up on being with family. We pace ourselves in terms of flying and my kids haven’t been to Iceland for three years, but we’re flying there this summer. When we travel within the USA we drive a hybrid and try to drive slowly enough to stay within the eco-range. We enjoy hiking, sailing, biking, walking, and horseback riding.

I’m a climate activist, community organizer, and educator, and have co-founded ReWild Long Island, Transition Town Port Washington and am president of the board of trustees at Science Museum of Long Island. I also guide nature-based mindfulness and meditation at Sol Center and The Mindful Connection of Long Island.