Henri Drake

Graduate Student, MIT / Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution - Cambridge, MA, USA
Cambridge, MA, USA
Henri Drake

I grew up in California, where virtually all of my family and friends still live. For the past 7 years I have been studying mathematics and climate science on the East Coast.

For my first few years living on the East Coast I would make two transcontinental flights (one during the winter holidays and one in August), which dominated my carbon footprint. Since beginning graduate school I have been consolidating trips back home and academic travel into a single flight per year. This past year I combined a visit to collaborators at Caltech, a road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco with friends, a meeting with a collaborator in San Francisco, and a short stay with my family in San Francisco. I plan to similarly consolidate my travel next year by combining a family visit, attendance at the American Geophysical Union Conference, and a backpacking trip along the California Coast.

My PhD dissertation is about what drives currents at the bottom of the ocean, and how these currents affect Earth’s climate. I also study how skillful climate models are at making projections of future climate.

I am also founder of ClimateGamers (formerly ClimateFortnite), a project that brings climate science communication to the online gaming community.