Heike Hübener

Senior Researcher at Hessian Environmental Agency - Wiesbaden, Germany
Wiesbaden, Germany
Heike Hübener

I’m a climate scientist (meteorologist, climate modeller). For several years now, I try to go to conferences only by train (as long as they are in Europe). I went to a conference of the European Meteorological Society in Reading, UK, coming from Berlin, Germany. When I told people I came by train, many were surprised but thoughtful, saying thing like “Ah, so you mean you do what you preach?!”

Going by train takes more time and is often more expensive, but fortunately my employer allows this. I have enjoyed the trips to far-away conferences I made in my career, but I feel better now with flying less.

Meteorologist, PhD on mesoscale climate modelling, study and PhD at Cologne University, Germany. Post-doc at Free University Berlin, Germany. Since 2008 senior researcher in Hessian Environmental Agency. 2018 habilitation in Geography at University Gießen, Germany, on inter- and trans-disciplinary frontiers in climate research.
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