Harald Sterly

PostDoc, University of Vienna - Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria
Harald Sterly

As my regional focus is Southeast Asia, I fly there from time to time (1-2/yr), but compensate. I do all European travel by train, and try to avoid too many journeys – using Skype, phone, etc.

I would love to see a) compensation as possible and mandatory in national/local travel cost regulations, and, more important b) to include a project carbon budget in project proposals – not necessarily to kick out high-emission projects, but to force scientists to be aware and critical about their own emissions; and c) to make it normal practice for universities to carbon-budget their activities and look for emission reduction potentials.

I just finished a research project about the potential of migration for climate change adaptation (www.transre.org), and am currently working on the nexus of migration and development, however still with a focus on climate impacts in developing countries, and the potentials and limits of adaptation.