Greg Spooner

Independent consultant (Gain Consulting Services) - San Francisco, USA
San Francisco, USA
Greg Spooner

I committed to flying as little as possible in 2018. Since then my travel in the US has been by rail and bus. I fly internationally for an NGO I volunteer with, but have not done so since Sept 2019. I’ve traveled a lot by Amtrak and bus over the last three years. It’s possible to do if you slow down a lot. But it is…. not easy. (It should be!)

I use my commitment to non-flying to start conversations with clients and colleagues who are often surprised to see me show up 500, 1000, 2000 miles from my home to attend meetings or perform work. The conversations it sparks are different than what happens if I just talk about global heating. I don’t think I’ve inspired others to take similar action yet, but who knows?

Developer of medical laser systems, laser applications, and laser technology.