Greg Bodeker

Director, Bodeker Scientific - New Zealand
New Zealand
Greg Bodeker

I am trying to fly less, at least internationally, and have dropped a number of obligations (e.g. international panels I used to sit on) to avoid international travel. But I do wonder how realistic this is, and how I will be able to maintain my international collaborations without working with those collaborators in person.

I guess time will tell.

Developing methods for assessing the impacts and implications of climate change, including collating greenhouse gas emissions inventories; developing climate-pattern-scaling methods; using simple climate models to explore the full uncertainty space in projections of future climate change from more complex models; and using such large ensembles of projections to quantify changes in the likelihood and severity of extreme weather events.

Detection and attribution of long-term changes in stratospheric composition and dynamics; statistical analysis of trends in stratospheric trace species and in particular ozone trends; long-term changes in ozone levels over Antarctica and New Zealand; global analyses of trends in ozone measured by satellite; trends in lower stratospheric temperatures; surface UV radiation in the polar regions.

Analysis of the dynamical attributes of the polar vortices and the interaction between mid-latitude planetary wave activity, the structure of the polar vortices, and the resultant interannual difference in the severity of polar ozone depletion.