Graeme McNeill

Tradesperson, plumbing and heating - Leith, Edinburgh - Scotland
Leith, Edinburgh - Scotland
Graeme McNeill

My last flight was on a trip of a lifetime to Colorado, to Vail Lodge to enjoy the mountains. I was infected with “bird flu” and the altitude of the flight caused pneumonia, unknown to myself. Took the first ski lift 3000m roughly, then realised my error and came back down on the lift only to end up in hospital with the lowest count of oxygen in the lungs of a living person the nurse had ever seen.

All the medics and staff were incredible, and after living on a ventilator and steroids for three days I was free to enjoy the rest of our trip, within reason. Now I stick to Nike Air Force 1’s — the acceptable face of humans flying.

Haven’t taken a flight since winter 2010/11 — one year to go until my decade anniversary! Might take Eurostar to the Alps. Not an entirely academic story, but a very serious and natural dilemma.

Tradesperson, plumbing and heating