Ginger Claassen

Accessibility Engineer - Paderborn, Germany
Paderborn, Germany

Well, I like to travel quite a lot for business and private reasons, and in Europe I try to take the train as much as possible. However, that is not always easy, especially for my next trip to Sweden. I wanted to go by train but since I am blind I need assistance to change trains and in Scandinavia, especially Denmark, this is anything but easy to accomplish. Thus I had to cancel my train and book a flight since they refused to assist me. This is not really helpful in trying to avoid CO2 emissions.

If people should travel more by public transport services, quality and punctuality has to improve, and governments have to support and promote public transport by investing in the infrastructure which is always costly and will not bring financial ROI. There are good approaches by e.g. the Swiss who let all students travel for free at certain times of the day, and thus teach them from early childhood on to use trains, and how comfortable it can be.

Especially with my latest experience in trying to take the train, it was very interesting to read about your initiative this morning in the newspaper. I will definitely follow your course from now on, and hope that we will see a change in attitude towards public transport.

Mr. Ginger Claassen
p.s.: Your website, especially the form fields, could use a bit improvement accessiblity-wise 🙂

I am working for a global operating corporation in the IT, electronic and electrical field as an accessibility engineer for over 20 years. Our goal is to shape the world digitally as well as physically to make it easier to use for older people and people with disabilities. We have been involved in many EC and nationally funded research projects in various fields e.g. autonomous public transport, navigation, etc. as well as designing trains, software, mobile applications, etc.