Giacomo Lanza

Dr., Research Data Coordinator - Braunschweig, Germany
Braunschweig, Germany

The distance from my working place in Germany to my home town in Italy is about 1100 km. This distance can be easily covered in 13 hours on a train, or (more comfortably) in one night + one morning.

Travelling by train is more relaxing, allows one to gain time for oneself, and the changing landscape helps me to get used to the “shift” into the new geographical destination. Continental Europe has a wonderful network of fast train and night train lines which make it possible to reach every destination. Booking enough in advance you get prices comparable with the airplane.

Youth and school years in Padova, Italy

~ 3 years as a research assistant in Biophysics – Pisa, Italy

~ 6 years as a research assistant in Agricultural Sciences – Potsdam, Germany

~ 2 years as a research data coordinator – Braunschweig, Germany