Georg von Graevenitz

Senior Lecturer, QMUL London - London, UK
London, UK
Georg von Graevenitz

Until very recently my work took me to the US on a regular basis, to Asia, and to many places around Europe. While global warming was certainly on the radar it seemed that efforts being made to combat it were visible and it was possible to believe that these would be adequate, if they continued to increase.

The summer of 2018 changed that. In France apples were going unpicked, because lack of rain meant they were stunted, sandstorms in Brandenburg and a heat-wave that brought fires to Sweden. This led me to question the impact of my own flying. I soon discovered that my flights had significantly more impact on atmospheric CO2 than anything else I was up to. While I have offset CO2 emissions of flights since 2018, I am now not flying for work since the spring of 2019. Where it is unavoidable I still fly (alternatives are demonstrably worse), but then offset through direct payments to projects in Brasil and the Pacific.

My research focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation, and intellectual property rights. I currently work at Queen Mary University London, previously at UEA, LMU, TU Munich, WZB and UCL. At QMUL I currently direct an MSc in Business Analytics.