Geoff Lealand

Research Associate, University of Waikato - New Zealand
New Zealand
Geoff Lealand

I have finished with full-time academic life (‘retirement’ is not the right word) and am now doing voluntary conservation work, as penance for all the overseas conferences I used to go to.

I am endeavouring to reduce my air travel to nil, but it is difficult living in a South Pacific nation at the bottom of the world—especially with children living so far away (London and Tokyo). We cannot take a train nor boat, to cross borders. So my travels are confined within the three main islands of my home country, but I may make an exception for neighbouring Pacific island nations (Samoa, Cook Islands, Tonga), which have strong links with New Zealand.

Educated in New Zealand, completed a PhD in the USA. Subsequently taught, researched, and published in the area of Media Studies/Film Studies for more than four decades, following an earlier career in horticulture.