Frans Kamsteeg

Associate Professor - Amsterdam
Frans Kamsteeg

After deciding to not to fly for tourist purposes any more as a family, it is time to take the next step: reducing my university footprint. After flying to conferences and research projects in South Africa this print cannot be diminished. Stopping it from growing is what it is.

In our faculty of social sciences the consciousness on climate change is there, but no matter how reflexive we claim to be, taking the consequences is seldom part of the reflexivity. My motivation to join your initiative is to start working on this. My university is to write a new 5-year plan; it is my ambition to try and get a section on academic transport in it. I myself just started to use a velomobile to drive from home to work regularly, instead of taking the train.

Starting to discuss traveling with students is another contribution I try to make in the course that I teach to Master’s students: Sensemaking in Organization.

So far my research has been on cultural change in South African Higher Education, but my research will shift towards Religion, Ecology & Organization in the Netherlands. I work and teach in the Social and Organizational Sciences at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam