Florence Joly

Former Immunology scientific expert in industry - Marseille, France
Marseille, France

As a scientist I used to attend two to three congresses a year, which already was not compatible with the 2t carbon footprint to keep temperature increase below 1.5-2°C. I tried to choose as much as possible European congresses. Furthermore, current practices around clinical trials organised in different countries and continents sustained the need to attend two to five meetings (mostly organised directly in airport hotels).

For such and other reasons I quit the pharma industry. I joined civil movement Alternatiba, in order to engage myself into a network of mobilized people against political inaction to tackle climate change. I’m currently involved in the “Stop extension Aeroport Marseille Provence” in order to fulfill my need for concrete actions as it concerns the city I live in.

Cutaneous immunology : work on different skin diseases and cutaneous cancers or precancerous states (Cutaneous T cell Lymphoma and actinic keratosis). Work on microbiota of the skin and interaction with immune system.