Ellen & Dirk Maas

PhD candidate, Ohio State - St. Louis, USA
St. Louis, USA
Ellen & Dirk Maas

Ellen will complete a PhD in soil science at Ohio State this fall. She got into the field because of her interest in carbon sequestration to fight climate change.

Dirk is a tree-hugger from way back. We are trying to be the change we want to see in the world, and are flying a lot less and using public transportation, especially Amtrak, whenever we can (among other things). Happy to join others who care about the future of our planet and our descendants.

Ellen’s disseration is focused on computer modeling of carbon in soil. She is comparing different models for their range of prediction of agricultural items of interest related to crop yields and soil health. She is also testing the range of future predictions made by these models when run with an array of different future climate models’ prediction data.