Drew and Joanne Gailius

Organic Farmer/Inventor + Physiotherapist - Creston, BC, Canada
Creston, BC, Canada

We organically farm 40 acres, producing most of our food/food for others and reducing our fossil fuel usage to do so (solar electric tractor, humanpower and solar/microhydro). We both have ebikes and use them as much as possible, carpool otherwise and drive alone when no other options. We don’t fly. The physio and yoga therapy specialist courses are found online as well as conference attendance online.

Farmer/inventor: solar electric tractor, building solar array + microhydro installation, building solar electric minitruck, human power innovations.
Physio/Yoga: mini clinic to minimal needs, reducing all waste within, ebiking as much as possible, attending (women’s health, pelvic, oncology specialist) courses/conferences online or when carpooling works.