Dr Kate Rawles

Former Academic, University of Cumbria - UK

Since 2006, when I collided with my own hypocrisy after flying to N.America in order to do a climate change awareness bike ride (It’s OK because I’m going for three months and using it for a good cause = my flight is special = a great eg of a highly typical and deeply problematic attitude to flying) I’ve been on a self-imposed flight ration of no more than one flight per three years. I do a lot of public speaking on climate change and find this is more effective in inspiring others to follow than exhorting people not to fly at all (though clearly that would be even better.) I’ve recently returned from cycling the length of S.America on a bamboo bike to raise awareness and inspire action on biodiversity loss and crossed the Atlantic on a cargo ship.

Ethics, values and sustainable development
Environmental ethics and animal welfare
Need for world-view and values change