Debbie Thornburg James

Activist - Denver, Colorado US
Denver, Colorado US

I live in Denver, Colorado which last year was found to be the most polluted spot on the planet. That takes some doing!

While Democratic politicians claim to care about global warming, here in Colorado they have approved freeway-widening projects that are nothing more than $2.3 billion corporate welfare programs that sicken and kill the working class people of color who live adjacent. My group has written letters to former Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao and current Secretary Pete Buttigieg pleading for federal funding to remove the inner-city portion of I-70, with no response from either.

Denver International Airport has 3,200 take-offs and landings each day, and boasts of its capacity for 9,216. Help! We are dying from air pollution here in Colorado and our elected leaders DO NOT CARE, as all they are after is unbridled capitalism.