Daniele Schön

Senior researcher, Aix-Marseille University, Inserm, CNRS - Marseille, FRANCE
Marseille, FRANCE

I feel that conferences have now become so big that it is just a business industry, no longer scientific exchange. Scientists go there mostly to show off, but little science actually goes on there. Reducing the number of conferences does not really affect research quality (there are publications on this).

I decided to go mostly to small meetings in Europe, where I live, and as an exception attend larger conferences abroad — but not more than once/year (typically once every 2-3 years). I favour the train, which in Europe is very efficient. It allows me to focus on my work, and the day is much better spent than flying.

I believe we, as scientists, must be an example and show that we are aware CHANGE is needed NOW.

I am a cellist and cognitive scientist with a PhD in neuroscience. I have a CNRS full senior research position and work in at the Institut de Neurosciences des Systèmes in Marseille, an Institute funded by Aix-Marseille Univerity and Inserm. My research topics are neurosciences of music and language, with a clinical research opening to speech and language disorders.