Daniel Colestock

Lecturer/Lab Manager, Georgia Institute of Technology (retired) - Smyrna, GA, USA
Smyrna, GA, USA

I’m a semi-retired consultant. I very rarely fly; I prefer to drive cross-country in my Tesla Model 3 AWD (all wheel drive) when I travel, which isn’t very often.

MSEE Georgia Tech 1980
Hewlett-Packard – Signal Analysis Division
PhD Program Georgia Tech 1992-1996
Instructor/Lab Manager Georgia Tech College of Computing 1996-2005
Professional Engineer, State of Georgia
KD4MNI Amateur Radio License
Board, Smyrna Historical Society
Expert Consultant, Tesla Electric Vehicles
Consultant, Renewable Energy

Semi-retired consultant, Colestock Enterprises
Electrical Engineering (general), telecommunications, signal analysis, computer networking, battery-electric vehicles, renewable energy