Claus Lamm

Professor, University of Vienna, Austria - Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria
Claus Lamm

I have largely stopped flying transatlantic/transcontinental (last of these in 2013), and continentally I try to use the night train whenever possible (last flight, to the UK, in 2018). I also signed the Scientists for Future initiative, where scientists commit themselves to not take a plane for distances below 1,000 km.

I also hope for taxation of kerosene, to reduce flying in general by making it somewhat less affordable.

The challenge is to leave our comfort zone (e.g. not going to conferences that would be highly relevant), and to give up on something that others do not give up (for example, they might gain a “competitive advantage”). But as a Social and Cognitive Psychologist, I know that new norms can only evolve if a large enough group paves the way for it, and I feel it is our duty to do everything to change things towards a more sustainable lifestyle both at work and in private.

I am a full professor of social neuroscience, with a specialization in social, cognitive, and affective neuroscience. My interests focus on the neural underpinnings of empathy and prosocial behavior. I am also planning to establish a new research line on the neural and psychological bases of sustainable and pro-environmental decision making and behavior.