Cheryl and Roland Magyar

Sustainable Life Designers at Forest Creek Meadows - Breb, Romania
Breb, Romania
Cheryl and Roland Magyar

As sustainable life mentors with acute environmental sensitivities, we happen to care deeply about the Earth and the future of life here on our wonderful planet – the place we all call home.

We are a family of three and we do not own any motorized vehicle; our feet take us most places we need to go, public transportation takes care of the rest, and we happen to live in the countryside! As a couple and later with our daughter, we have flown a total of seven times in the past dozen years. It just so happened that Roland contributed to reforesting Scotland in 2014-15, by planting 14,000 trees on an organic farm, a fact which could make us feel a bit more lax with flying, yet it doesn’t.

What’s more, as an integral part of our sustainable life design business based in Maramureș County, northern Romania, we offer carbon offsetting in a unique scheme, to individuals with single memorial tree requests or small businesses soliciting a few thousand native specimens to be planted. We are discerning in who we work with as to discourage greenwashing.

We realize ground travel is more costly and also takes more pre-planning as a rule. However this is precisely our aim to support, along with demanding that renewable energy be extensively integrated into the public transportation network, especially in regions of the world with high degrees of international cooperation, like our home the European Union, for instance.

Cheryl and Roland have been living a life inspired by ecological minimalism for more than a decade, as such, they are passing down values of homesteading, foraging, handcrafting and self-reliance to their home-schooled daughter. Choosing to work from home (and avoid the commute!) they mentor families and small businesses in the online world, helping them to make – and act upon – sustainable choices that are necessary to combat climate change.