Charley Bowman

Retired, Research Ass't Prof, University at Buffalo - Buffalo New York USA
Buffalo New York USA

I haven’t flown in (I’d say) 20+ years. Cannot remember the last time I was in an airplane. My reasoning for not flying relates to comfort, not climate issues. With aging, my butt got bigger and the airline seats smaller. So I have have been taking Amtrak on my jaunts around the US. I rode Amtrak from Buffalo to Denver and back last September and will do another Amtrak trip to Oakland Ca next September.

My wife and I bought a Chevy Bolt last year and love it. Looking forward to the time I can drive it across Upstate NY between Buffalo and Albany, a distance of 290 miles. Not sure when level 3 fast charging — so necessary for long distance BEV driving — will happen in Upstate NY because most of the rest stops along the NY State Thruway are leased to oil companies (Sunoco or Exxon-Mobil). A couple of level 3 chargers are being built, but exiting the Thruway will be necessary to charge up. But the Bolt does fine for my driving around the Western part of NY State. I’m looking forward to the Tesla Model Y, driving – assistance, and a functioning fast charging network.

I wish I could say I was sensitive to climate issues in the 1990’s. Being overweight seems to have reduced my CO2 footprint. I hope my appetite did not negate any carbon savings gained from airplane avoidance.

Worked on mechanotransducing ion channels in glial cells. PhD Thesis: directly measured the membrane potential of mitochondria — it’s on the order of a few mV.

Currently doing environmental advocacy as co-chair of the Environmental Justice Task Force of the WNY Peace Center.