Bill Davidson

About a decade ago I realized the magnitude of the carbon footprint of flying and have not flown since. I added that to already becoming a vegetarian at an earlier date, when I learned of the carbon footprint of eating meat.

I have been told that I have influenced others. By the same token, I’ve been influenced by others who’ve made deep cuts to their carbon emissions. I’ve met others who’ve quit flying. In knowing each other we recognize that we are not alone on the journey.

Talking about not flying is less of a taboo subject than it used to be, but not always. It’s a lousy time to shut up about this.

I’m involved as a volunteer with I look after their Facebook page. There’s also a beautiful website created by another citizen-volunteer Michael McGee. is one of the very first websites under the .earth domain.

In addition to softer forms of climate action I’ve been in numerous marches, protests and was arrested on Burnaby Mountain, BC (2014) getting in the way of pipeline work — the Trans-Mountain Piper line (Kinder Morgan) running from the Alberta tar sands to Greater Vancouver.

I’m in this for my children, grandchildren, all people born and unborn, and the biosphere as a whole. I feel the urgency.

I’m 69 and an artist. I’ll be a climate activist until I croak.