Armin Moczek

Professor, Indiana University - Bloomington IN, USA
Bloomington IN, USA
Armin Moczek

I am at a point where I can no longer justify being part of a group of hundreds to thousands of scientists that travel to one spot to engage in an intellectual exchange that can largely be replicated remotely. So I will no longer travel to in person conferences unless I can take a train. I similarly increasingly limit personal travel by air, though I have not yet eliminated it completely.

I would like to convince my home institution, and the societies I belong to, to prioritize virtual seminars and conferences. While my primary motivation is to reduce fossil fuel consumption, I have also learned to appreciate how remote conferences and seminars make the scientific community more equitable and inclusive.

I study the origins of novel complex traits in development and evolution using insects as model systems, with a focus on gene network evolution, developmental plasticity, niche construction, and host microbiome interactions.