Ariella Granett

Architect and Interior Designer - Berkeley
Ariella Granett

I quit flying in 2019 when I learned that it’s not possible to get on a plane and lead a 1.5 degree lifestyle, the threshold of global warming at which point extreme weather and heat will be devastating to billions of people. Our “normal” fossil fuel intensive lifestyles are stealing the future away from the youth. Climate breakdown is accelerating.

It hit me hard in 2020 when I awoke to daytime darkness — the sun completely eclipsed by a thick blanket of wildfire smoke. Wildfire season is now year round in California, except for this year of emergency floods and extreme cold. Not flying has been wonderful! In the middle of 2019, I switched jobs to avoid flying and work locally as an architect and interior designer. I co-founded and, campaigns like this one that spread awareness about the climate emergency, the impact of aviation, and the link between individual climate leadership and system change.

My family and I stay connected to our loved ones who live abroad via Skype. My husband, kids and I vacation locally, finding relaxation and discovery close to home. Best of all, my flight free choice gives me a sliver of hope for all of the kids out there.