Anneliese Schultz

Lecturer in Italian, Retired, University of British Columbia - Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Anneliese Schultz

After reading the 2008 IPCC Report, I went from depression to, ultimately, action:

  • I embedded sustainability into all my
    courses, creating Green Italian
  • I stopped flying
  • I started writing climate fiction.

I have made peace with never seeing Italy again (unless I get on a Greenpeace ship as writer-on-board), and have now done the round-trip train journey from Vancouver to Boulder to see family over 25 times.

The train is now my transportation and my muse – where I write novels late night in the lounge as we roll through darkened desert, acquire interested readers in the dining car, and fix in poetry images of lone dog or flooded field; the rhythm of the rails…
It is a joy every single time to hear the “All Aboard!” and step up.

My cli-fi stories have been published in “Stone Canoe” and “Winds of Change – Short Stories about our Climate” as well as at
I am at work on the third novel in my Young Adult climate fiction series, “Distant Dream”, and seeking agency representation.