Anna Sach

PhD, University of Amsterdam - Amsterdam

Only a small, privileged part of the population is flying, causing devastating impacts for all life on planet. As I started to engage with Climate Justice, I decided not to fly anymore. After some years of not doing it privately, I felt that this was not enough, and I would like to get organised in a movement. That’s when I did a multiplier training with Stay Grounded and then gave workshops about this topic.

Now, as a PhD student I will stick to that commitment and discuss our role as academics with other researchers and on an institutional level. Obviously, it is not easy, takes more time and money, and maintaining any long-distance relations with friends and family is more difficult. But I enjoy the time on the train, already made friends during journeys, and love to see the landscape flying by while staying grounded. I want to thank all the people resisting aviation expansion, the ones advocating for a just transition and a degrowth of the aviation industry, the “The Man in Seat 61” for making me discover a night train to the Pyrenees, my favorite train connection.

My PhD focuses on understanding why people engage in climate activism and the social-emotional processes that activists experience.