Andrew Curry

Director, Futures Practice - London, UK.
London, UK.
Andrew Curry

I stopped flying long-haul more than ten years ago when I realised the effect it had on my carbon footprint. Within Europe I try to keep the number of flights I make to a handful each year, but work schedules at a consultancy with international clients don’t always permit it.

The main challenge is just being clear with clients and colleagues that I don’t fly long-haul–that it’s an absolute commitment, not a nice-to-have. (I once had an amiable conversation that said, if it’s a business requirement that I do trans-continental work, then I will have to leave the business).

People understand the environmental argument, but often the ethical environment has more impact on them: that the people who get the benefit of an accelerated lifestyle are not the same people who will lose their homes and livelihoods first as a result of
climate change impacts.

A consulting futurist based in London.