Amandine Cornille

CNRS Full time researcher - Paris
Amandine Cornille

I am starting to realize that my ecological footprint is terrible, mainly because of the field trips and collaborations I have because of my study models: temperate fruit trees. I am now trying to minimize my flight time, even if it is not easy (e.g. when you have to fly to China, how you can make it except by plan or spending hours by train …? Or you try to optimize your venue by staying much longer? Or you come by flight to the capital and then only use trains? I still have to figure out how to answer these questions!).

This is also a question of time that can be spent in traveling. Depending on your personal and professional situations, is it that easy to move for days before and after a meeting ? Can we imagine that some meetings can be done by Visio? Tons of questions I still have to answer!

-Evolutionary genomics of domestication in fruit trees
-Ecological genomics of host-pathogen interactions