Adam Hartland

Senior Lecturer, University of Waikato - Hamilton, New Zealand
Hamilton, New Zealand
Adam Hartland

As an academic based in New Zealand, the isolation imposed by distance from many colleagues and collaborators makes the act of flying less frequently quite painful (professionally speaking).

However, I teach and research geochemistry and climate (with a focus on past climate change). I also have two beautiful children and cannot countenance the dichotomy of understanding the huge risk from man-made climate change and personally contributing to it (mainly through flying).

My approach is to fly internationally no more than once per year, but even then I emit much more carbon than I would wish to.

I’m a lead investigator on an international project aimed at developing quantitative proxies of past climate change. I use chemical approaches to address questions in ancient paleoclimates and modern environments.

My work on paleoclimate forms the basis of my Rutherford Discovery Fellowship. Prior to this I completed a PhD at the University of Birmingham and a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of New South Wales.