Usha Ganga

Auditor, KPMG - Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
Usha Ganga

My husband and I became aware three years ago what a detrimental impact flying has for our climate. We realised that all our efforts to limit our footprint would only mean paying lip service if we did not also tackle flying. This meant that the flight to the West Coast in the USA we had just booked would also be the last. It was strange to realise in the plane that it would be the last time.

Our friends and families were surprised that we took this step, which in their eyes was very drastic. But we also gained respect from friends and coworkers that we took this step.

The hardest part is the realisation that our holidays are a lot more expensive, as it is cheapest to fly to a holiday resort, and it also limits our choices in where to go on holiday. Furthermore, it also limits my choices to go to conferences and clients abroad as it is not always possible to get somewhere without flying.

But every time climate change is reported on, we know that we have done what is necessary to prevent detrimental climate catastrophe. And that strengthens our resolve even further.

I work as manager sustainability assurance at KPMG.

I am responsible for the assurance of non-financial or sustainability information reported by clients to assess its accuracy and completeness. I have become a specialist in integrated reporting and corporate reporting.