Ruth Pryor

OB/Gyn MD - Easthampton, MA
Easthampton, MA

I have spent years waiting ’til my kids were older and out of the house so I could indulge my love of travel. Well, too late! I know too much about climate science (as a general citizen and a wanted-to-be marine biologist) to make matters worse for the planet. Maybe I will go every 5 years; I had hoped to go annually.

I drive a partial electric vehicle, signed up for 100% renewable energy-based electricity, and started biking to work some days. I last bought a single use plastic beverage bottle over 2 years ago. Maybe longer.

My kids know they are out of the will if they do not recycle, or if they ever buy a gas guzzler (one son bikes to work , the other takes a subway).

There are trains to be taken to many places!

My eternal gratitude and appreciation is to the hundreds of climate scientists getting us even more proof every day.

I wanted to be marine biologist, and did a college semester with Sea Education Association out of Woods Hole, MA.

Anyone want a 56-year-old research assistant? Can snorkel, willing to scuba dive!