Richard Coppell

Visiting research fellow, University of Leeds. - Leeds. UK.
Leeds. UK.

I can only observe that, living in the UK, it would seem on the surface rather hard to get to the European continent for conferences etc. without air travel. The channel tunnel is at the other end of the country. However there are regular ferry services, e.g. Hull to Zeebrugge, Newcastle to Amsterdam, connecting into the European rail network, which I suspect people are not sufficiently aware of. Maybe universities need to offer better advice to their academics of non flying options.

Sadly failed to complete a PhD in simulating permafrost in Arctic peatlands.

I have visiting status at Leeds university where I am writing up papers from my PhD project’s loose ends. I am aiming to do sensitive analysis of medium complexity process based sphagnum peat model, using the JULES DGVM as a framework. The Sphagnum model on its own, is in review with a journal, and I’m working on more. I actually love the academic freedom I get from working like this. I work part time as a math lecturer in a 16+ college to make ends meet, and finding time to complete my research is really tricky. I also have two young children and a lovely caring wife.