Maria Helena Cruz de Carvalho

Associate professor, UPEC/IBENS - Paris, France
Paris, France
Maria Helena Cruz de Carvalho

If we continue doing business as usual we will reach a climate breakdown in ways we can’t even foresee. After reading the IPCC SR 1.5 it became impossible for me to continue coping with my cognitive dissonance regarding climate change. I had to act. I wanted the world to change. Sound the alarm, drive the change.

It’s not easy, and you quickly become a modern day Cassandra. The best way to deal with this is to be the change. Scientists do have the responsibility to lead by example and walk the talk. Every little action counts. Committing to fly less is one of the most impactful changes individuals can make on their carbon footprint and it’s thrilling to be a part of it.

I have a PhD in plant physiology and long-standing systems biology experience in the study of environmental stress responses of plants and microalgae. I have been an associate professor at UPEC (Paris, France) since 2005 and an adjunct researcher at IBENS (Paris, France) since 2016. I spent four years working at the Rockefeller University (NY, USA), as a Marie Curie fellow from 2012-2015 and as adjunct faculty from 2015-2016.