John "Skip" Laitner

Principal, Economic and Human Dimensions Research Associates - Tucson, AZ USA
Tucson, AZ USA
John "Skip" Laitner

As an international resource economist, and United Premier 1 K flyer with more than 100,000 miles logged last year alone, I have been wrestling with the idea of no longer flying for the past several years. Following commitments and planned work trips to both Washington, DC in December 2019, and also both Paris and Moscow in January 2020, I will, indeed, no longer fly or travel by ship.

Inspired by Greta Thunberg, but also recognizing the need for a significant change in my travel habits for the sake of both climate and the environment, I will rely instead on trains, buses, and video conferencing services. Here’s hoping we all can make a difference.

I am a long-time desert rat and progressive economist who likes time with friends, outdoor stuff, all kinds of music, an occasional beer, and working on smart energy/climate policies.