Jill Johnstone

Adjunct Professor - Saskatoon, Canada
Saskatoon, Canada
Jill Johnstone

I was recently involved in the publication of a high profile paper about carbon emissions from boreal wildfires. While speaking to the media, I am asked: what can people do about climate change? My answer is: reduce emissions.

To embody this intention, I have made the decision to reduce my personal and work-related travel to less than two flights per year. I live in the Yukon Territory, so driving to meetings or research sites can be a challenge, and some air travel is likely necessary for important activities. However, I am working hard to bring my actions in better alignment with my research results and personal values: to have a sustainable climate system that supports life as we wish to see it.

I have been involved with research on the impacts of climate change on boreal forests and potential feedbacks between forests and climate that may accelerate climate change.