Irene Müller

PhD candidate - Potsdam, Germany
Potsdam, Germany

I worked in social science of sustainable transport at an institute allegedly working on climate science. Then I got into a depression, partly because I was so at odds with the unquestioned science culture of showing off, flying to vacation and conferences at my sustainability institute, that I quit my PhD.

So right now I am in between, should I start a PhD again or find an NGO/activist job to really work against climate change? Taking climate change seriously, to my mind, should be reflected in our working cultures — including not making flying to conferences a condition for making a career.

BA in Social Sciences, HU Berlin BA; thesis on two towns trying to become supplied 100% by renewable energy. MA in Society, sustainability and the environment at CAU Kiel MA; thesis on “Norway as a green battery for Europe?” Started a PhD in the field of social science of sustainable transport.