Frederic Grillot

Professor - Paris
Frederic Grillot

I realized that I am flying well too much for conferences. My carbon footprint is not acceptable, with more than 100,000 kilometers in 2019. Just to deliver talks.

I want to change that and decrease the carbon footprint. I do not think it is possible to stop flying at all, but I will set up a travel policy in my research group with respect to long distance flying in order to find the best compromise between the environmental cost of travelling and the importance of our scientific meetings.

Frédéric Grillot received a PhD from the University of Besançon (France). He is currently a Professor at Télécom ParisTech (France) and a Research Professor at the University of New-Mexico (USA). In April 2017, he also joined the University of California at Los Angeles as a Visiting Professor.

His current research interests include advanced quantum confined devices, nonlinear dynamics, and optical chaos in semiconductor lasers and silicon photonics applications.