Elizabeth Heilman

Professor - Wichita, Kansas
Wichita, Kansas
Elizabeth Heilman

I won’t fly. Enough already. We have to do everything we can and more. WHY are we having conferences in person with an expectation that people fly? COVID showed us it is needless. How do I get my professional organizations to stop?

I research the shaping of the civic, technical, and moral understandings that promote human flourishing. This includes democracy and citizenship; identity and diversity; as well as how people develop a sense of political efficacy, human connection, and responsibility to others and to ecosystems.

I’m especially interested in how education can address trauma and move people’s spirits such that we have the collective human will, compassion, and commitment to address injustice, global poverty, violence, and climate mitigation. This includes approaches to local and global economic and food systems that support health, happiness, social equity, and ecological flourishing.