Eleanor Margetts

Project Assistant - London, UK
London, UK
Eleanor Margetts

I currently fly a lot with work, as we are starting a programme of work that requires us to hold workshops with persons with disabilities. And I am struggling to reconcile my work in this area of development with knowing the impact that flying has on the environment.

I think this is a particular problem in the disability sector as the value of face-to-face contact is especially important due to the often complex needs that our participants have (visual impairments, hearing impairments, deaf-blindness, intellectual disabilities, etc.) so it is very difficult to find virtual ways of engaging such a diverse group. If anyone has some innovative ideas around this, I would love to hear them.

Due to my travel with work, I have decided not to fly for holidays – instead taking extra time to travel by car or train if possible. The challenge here is that trains (at least in Europe) are very expensive – I would love to see governments encourage less flying by subsidising train travel.

I am a project assistant on a programme that is looking at producing evidence around increasing formal employment for persons with disabilities in Uganda, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Kenya (based in the UK).