E. Douglas Nilsson

Associate Professor, Stockholm University - Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
E. Douglas Nilsson

Last time I flew professionally was to a conference, more than two years ago. Since then I’ve managed with train and/or ferries. But European trains are still largely a miss-mash of national networks with no interest in helping customers to cross over-border. So I admit that part of why I’ve managed is because I’ve been able to skip conferences/workshops/meetings far away, and selected those I can reach with at the most two days on train. I suppose it can still happen that I may fly again, but then it will be long distance for something I consider really important, and I will try to stay a bit longer and visit more colleagues in the same region, and in that way pack several trips into that one flight.

Privately we have never flown much, and not in several years. We tour in Northern Europe where we can get with train, boat, or our biogas-driven car.

Meteorologist with a PhD in atmospheric chemistry at Bert Bolin’s home department. My research is mostly on aerosol sources and their climate effects, and how to represent these better with code in climate models.

I’ve worked on secondary aerosol formation, but now mostly on primary sources, like sea spray, biological particles from forests and oceans, road traffic emissions, and shipping emissions. More experimentalist than modeller, but with a good understanding of what the models need.