Coralie Chevallier

Academic researcher - Paris, France
Paris, France
Coralie Chevallier

I stopped flying several years ago. I have kept this decision private and feel like now is the time to be vocal about it.

Talking about the impact of flying in academia and my decision to not fly to give talks will hopefully contribute to shifting the social norm in my field, slowly but surely.

I am a behavioural scientist studying the evolutionary and cognitive determinants of social cognition. I have mainly focused on the way motivational factors affect people’s social cognition. More recently I have worked on the way stress, environmental harshness, and uncertainty impact a range of social and non-social decisions:
– prosociality and social trust
– political attitudes and religion
– health attitudes, fertility and parenting
The central hypothesis behind my work is that environmental and motivational factors alter individuals’ minds in significant ways and should be targeted upstream to improve people’s lives.

I’m currently at the ENS, in the Laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitives et Computationnelles (INSERM U960). I co-lead the Evolution and Social Cognition group. I can be found on Google Scholar and Twitter.